Why should I Power wash my house?

Mildew, fungus, alge attacks the substrate which means the surface/ paint. The paint surface is like the skin to your body...

It protects the house. And once that takes hold the paint can start to deteriorate and can affect the life of the paint. By powerwashing each year it can prolong the life of the paint job and not have to paint as often.Below are a few FAQ's our clients have asked.

If you are planning on power washing yourself, keep these tips in mind.

Decks and Fences:  Keep the tip of the power washer 6 – 10 inches from the wood surfaces at all times.  Always keep the spray moving; never hold it one place as it will fur the wood surface.

Vinyl Siding:  Rinse from the top down.  Keep the tip of the power washer 1 – 2 feet from the siding. Rinse perpendicular to the siding when possible.

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