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Top 5 Ann Arbor Painting Mistakes

Tribble Painting - Thursday, August 13, 2015

When it comes to repainting, most of us tend to ignore the problems that cause cracks, blistering and fading and instead focus on a solution. Often deemed a "band-aid fix", this approach can lead to the same problems time and time again. This time around, why not take a different approach?

In life, looking back is what often helps guide us to a better future. In painting, looking back to determine the causes of cracking, peeling and other problems can help prevent these issues from reoccurring in the future.

What Five Residential & Commercial Painting Mistakes Lead to Premature Repainting?
What is the best way to investigate painting mistakes? Whether you are repainting your home interior or a tenant’s warehouse space, start with these five popular painting mistakes to help determine the cause of your need to repaint early:

You might need premature interior and exterior painting if…

A low-quality paint was used.
Low-quality paints tends to have inadequate adhesion to surfaces and are not as flexible and resistant to temperature changes as other, higher-quality paints.

The building exterior was not power washed beforehand.
Primer was not used on the walls.

Both power washing and priming are a part of residential and commercial painting preparation. Without these essential elements, problems like cracking, blistering and bubbling can occur. While proper prep may take up more time initially, in the long run it will prolong the life of your house paint. 

The painted surface was  not allowed to dry properly or painting took place when the weather was not ideal.
An ideal day in the painting world won't have too much wind, drastic temperatures or moisture in the air. When paint is exposed to less-than-ideal elements like these, it can sometimes dry too fast or ruin a properly prepped surface with added moisture or debris.

An inexperienced crew applied the paint incorrectly. 

In some cases, when a painting crew or DIYer isn't experienced enough and takes on a big Ann Arbor Michigan painting project, misapplication can take place. Whether this means overspreading paint or applying too thin a coat, application is a big deal when it comes to house painting. If paint is applied incorrectly, the lifetime of a paint is often compromised.

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